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Mean and green...well at least green

I am just trying this out to see if it works.
This thing's name is Holy Shiitaki.

New Band "Friended" me on FaceBook

These guys won't disappoint. Head over to their MySpace page and take a listen, I particularly like their song Upstroke. They are an unsigned, independent rock band who I would gladly go to Philadelphia to go listen to.

According to the end of the YouTube video you pronounce it Bo-ji-be-an



I don't see the entertainment factor in Deal or No Deal. I understand the suspense (even though I feel it is built in and scripted) but you can only do so much with ...."Open the case."

You may ask yourself, "Why is this pud watching the show he hates enough to know what is going on?"
It's on before Heroes and I turned the volume down...I swear!
Well my cold made it difficult to sleep in bed so I was couch'n it last night. I turned on the TV and tried to go to sleep. There really wasn't anything on and I fell asleep while Letterman was on. I don't even remember anything about it. I did pop over to VH1 around 11p and saw the UK Music Hall of Fame 2006 induction ceremony was on. What was strange about it, for all I watched, was that they were inducting more US artists than their own. WTF?

They got James Brown, Brian Willson, John BonJovi, and finally a Brit - Led Zepplin (Jimmy Page accepted). Willson looked like he would have rather been somewhere else and made a few quick and choppy comments when he came to the podium to accept. He ran off to stage right and sang Good Vibrations. About half way through he started to look like he was actually having a good time.

James Brown acted like he had been out of the spotlight so long that he didn't quite know what to say. It was uncomfortable for me to even watch as I got the impression he didn't even know he was in the UK. He did however perform and it was pretty damned good.

I can't remember what Page did because I started nodding off around that time, although I remember it was good and his female backup singer with the tatoo on her left arm could belt one out...

About then I had enough presence of mind to flip back over to the local channel so I could see the morning news when I woke up and ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Region Free DVD Player

We finally got our Region Free DVD player today. It has a PAL / NTSC converter built right in.


And it worked like a charm right out of the box. There was not waiting for it to figure out the region and convert from PAL to NTSC. No flicker at ALL on the screen, even when there was a burning torch on the screen in Robin Hood ep 1-5.

VERY impressed!!

Obsessed with Cardiff

I told my wife I would get on a plane, maybe not sober but I am going to get to the UK one way or another. I can almost imagine myself there...maybe next year sometime. My uncle says it will be around 3k for both of us for starters so we will have to really save up for it. Damn we need to get passports too.

I want to see Cardiff, go to the Millinium Center and stand next to the fountain. It would be absolutely mind blowing to see someone from BBC Wales actually filming Torchwood or Doctor Who but my world won't be shattered if I don't. I have been talking about going there so much I made Angie have a dream about being there.

We both want to see London as well. We were talking about how neat it will be to hear the bells of Big Ben with our own ears. I will need a cam corder (high quality) for sure before we ever think about going over there. I want to make some videos.

I will get there!!

My Big Ol' German Shepard and stuff, yo

If you have ever been to my house you know I have a rather large German Shepard named Piper. You would never believe how scared she is of storms. Last night, she jumped up into our bed and just about pushed Angie out trying to get "safe". Oh well.....

What the hell is going to end up happening in the Middle East? When will it stop? Are we in WWIII already? Damn..

All's well that ends at the pump house

The day started out with Barndon coming over to help me get my digital ham radio station setup running. It was a success. We worked on the wiring configuration and in about an hour we were talking to someone in Germany on 60 watts with PSK! Then someone from Bulgaria wanted to talk but we had to get off of radio. We tried out the RTTY program and it also worked just fine.

Dad came over and we all three talked for awhile. Brandon had to leave and we started working on the pump house roof. It had leaked and rotted most of the South West corner, causing the insulation to fall all over the inside of the "house". A hell of a mess but we got it cleaned out and started to put it back together. We quickly found out that I didn't have enough plywood so "Save Big Money at Menards". Instead of getting some ply I started looking at some tar-fiberglass corrugated roofing material that was four feet by 6 feet. It is a new thing to me, I have seen this before but this is the first time I have ever used it. It was pretty simple to use and it is supposed to last for 50 or so years. I think it will be OK. Still need to paint it.

Went downstairs and got on the radio again after eating some KICK ASS baked spaghetti. Talked to a guy close to Vancouver BC for about 10 minutes on PSK. This whole new relam of radio is going to be fun to use when I get things all figured out.



I stirred the sparkling wine, the temp has been close to 70 on the primary every time I have looked at it today.

Gayle and Jerry are in Penn. They went to Gettysburg yesterday, they are in Lancaster tonight, and they will be going to Hershey tomorrow. I would like to see that, DAMN I would like to have the time and money to get Angie and Myself out and about. Maybe someday.......Gayle said they went to an Amish place and ate so much food that she was stuffed. They feed you at a series of long tables, like you were eating at a big family get to gether. They were there around 14:00 so they ate at a table by themselves, but I think that would be pretty neat to just sit there and have dinner with strangers.

End of message
John Lithgow is doing comercials for Campbells Select soup...very funny.

Angie and I are celebrating our seventh year of wedded bliss today. We spent the whole day together, unfortunately she was a little under the weather but we hung out all day even so.

We tried some of our black raspberry merlot tonight, chilled to perfection...even though I don't belive in chilling this style it was good anyway.

Angie told me I could rant and rave but I don't think I have it in me right now. I will be busy tomorrow working on re-roofing our pump house. Maybe we will go into Herbs Heirlooms and Homebrew Too after Angie gets off work and pick up some more wine making supplies.

"Hey! I want to write in my journal tonight too!" My wife
Uh buh bye